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Our first blog is about how to keep our bathroom clean for longer and to spend the minimum viable time doing it every day.

  • Cut down the clutter – keep almost empty shelves by putting everything in boxes or cabinets. You can buy cheap boxes or containers if you don’t have fixed furniture such as an under the sink cupboard or shelves. Make sure that you buy the same boxes and that you align the colors throughout as this will give a tidy look at a first glance.
  • Have your tools at hand – and organized per function. Also, if possible try to keep your tools hidden e.g. behind the toilet bowl but keep them ready to be used when needed.
  • You can spend as little as 5 minutes per day to clean your bathroom in a structured way if the points above are met. For example, the first minute could be used to place individual items in place e.g. make up, hair/tooth brushes, dirty clothes, etc. The second minute could be used to wipe surfaces, the third minute to dry the surfaces and so on. It has to be a system that works for you and that you can do on a daily basis without major efforts.

There are other specific tips that could help in keeping your bathroom clean for longer:

  • Use long lasting cleaners – These products help surfaces such as sinks or bathtubs to resist stains for longer.
  • Apply a coat of water repellent to doors and tiles – This will help soap and minerals avoid sticking to surfaces, therefore you will have less to clean or scrub.
  • Prevent moisture from forming – there is no secret to this than a dry bathroom. If possible, wipe and dry the surfaces after a shower or bath, open the window or the ventilation fan. If your bathroom has no window but it is close to an air path in the house, you can just open the nearest door or window for 5 minutes after a shower or bath and this will help enormously with the concentration of mould. Even better if you have a dehumidifier that you could turn on afterwards to absorb the humidity and condensation generated.

As last piece of advice, try to place in a highly visible place something soothing and calming such as lavender stems, candles and some essential oils. This will give a warm sense to your bathroom which at the same time will make it look cleaner and tidier for longer time 🙂

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