Our Journey

It all started with a dream, a dream and vision to provide smart yet simple products to make our customers' lives easier at a reasonable price whilst being conscious about our impact on the environment and our planet Earth.

We know how important is to have a tidy and organized bathroom regardless of the space or the storage units available as when bathing we can unwind and relax after a busy or long day. It is very important for us and our children as we can share valuable time with them whilst creating a joyful and enjoyable experience.

For this reason, in the first instance we started to investigate different products that help our customers have a more comfortable experience when bathing their children mainly to protect mums and dads' knees and elbows whilst kneeling in the bath. This is how we came up with our brand "Bath Smart".

Through this brand, we strive to offer our valuable customers with products with more than one functionality so we can also help with bathroom storage by providing extra space with practical options. Therefore we focus on providing creative products that are able to fulfil many needs or functions in just one offer.

We are in our very early stages as we have just been born, that's the reason why our offer is limited but we are working intensely to bring to you more options and ideas in the near future.

Offering this type of products has also encouraged us to explore other areas of our daily routines and lives where smarter products could be particularly useful. This is how our sister brands, 'Money Smart' and 'Casa Smart' were born for money and household solutions respectively. You can check them out in these links:

Our headquarters are based in London and we are growing fast and steadily. We now sells products online to the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain and the U.S and we love learning from our different customers around the world.

As a last word, even though we have grown in size, we remain small and unique and that works to YOUR advantage. We’re more agile, more responsive, and we care about your needs. Our customers are the life and soul of our business and our everyday tasks and this is again, our promise to you.

For any queries we can be contacted at contact@bathsmartstore.co.uk and we do look forward to hearing from you.

Marisa Zappatore.

Co-founder and CEO.

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