Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are the products made of?

Neoprene for the whole outer surface and EPE foam for the internal padding. For the elbow rest back pockets, we have used polyester mesh.

Are the products damp and moisture proof?

Whilst neoprene is naturally water friendly and dries fast, we advise to wash the products and dry them at least once a week in order to avoid mould forming and to maximize their life span.

Are the products washing machine suitable?

We do not recommend to wash the products in the washing machine as it can damage the shape of the internal foam.

Would the Elbow Rest work for a claw foot tub?

The Elbow Rest will secure itself on any bathtub as it has two suction cups on each side in order to give extra security. However, the width of the padding of the Elbow Rest is 12cm, therefore it might not be as comfortable as it should be if the border of the bathtub is very thin or narrow.

Would the products’ padding be suitable for sitting on?

The products are not intended to be used for sitting on but you can use the bath kneeler on a chair for extra cushion. The padding on the elbow rest can deteriorate in shape if used for sitting.

Will this work with sliding glass shower doors that have the metal tracks on the sliding door frame, meaning my arm rests on sharp metal when I bath my child?

Yes, the elbow rest will cover the metal tracks and provide cushion for your elbows. Just make sure that the dimensions are suitable for it. The padding’s width is 12 cm so if this covers the metal tracks then you have nothing to worry about and your elbows will be protected.

What happens if my Bath Smart product is broke due to faulty materials?

You can use our no-hassle guarantee for this. You are 100% covered for any damages caused by faulty materials or manufacturing. You just need to go to our Register your Warranty dedicated page to activate your guarantee by completing the form providing and following the registration and verification process. After that, just send us an email and we will assist immediately.

If you find any issues in doing this please do not hesitate to contact us by sending us an email to or by completing our Contact Us form which you can find in our “Contact Us” page.

What is your Return or Refund policy?

For those products purchased on Amazon, you would need to initiate the process through them as Amazon handle all our refunds and returns. Once you have initiated the refund, you would need to send the product within 30 days. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you need any assistance in initiating any of these procedures.

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